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Grimas Make-up

Grimas Make-up

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  1. Grimas Cake Make-up

    Grimas Cake Make-up

    Starting at: £7.70

    Easy to apply base. Cleanse skin using cleansing lotion. Moisten makeup sponge and squeeze. Check the correct amount of cake makeup on hand. Apply makeup with sponge. Learn More
  2. Grimas Enamel Tooth

    Grimas Enamel Tooth

    Starting at: £6.30

    This product is used to colour teeth and is non-permanent. The range of colours that we supply allows for the production of effects such as blacking out, whitening, nicotine staining and blood staining. Dry teeth with tissue paper. Brush on tooth enamel and allow to dry. Can be removed with any alcohol suitable for human consumption. We suggest gin. Learn More
  3. Grimas False Eye

    Grimas False Eye

    Starting at: £6.00

    Grimas False Eye. Learn More
  4. Grimas Latex Rubber Milk

    Grimas Latex Rubber Milk

    Starting at: £11.70

    Grimas Latex Rubber Milk Learn More
  5. Grimas Pearl Make-up 15 ml

    Grimas Pearl Make-up 15 ml

    Starting at: £7.90

    Grimas Pearl Make-up 15 ml Learn More
  6. Grimas Polyester Makeup Glitter

    Grimas Polyester Makeup Glitter

    Starting at: £11.70

    Grimas Polyester Makeup Glitter Learn More
  7. Grimas Spirit Mastix Gum

    Grimas Spirit Mastix Gum

    Starting at: £12.10

    Spirit gum is a liquid adhesive which is suitable for use on the body. It is available in a variety of grades to suit a variety of applications. Spirit gum can be used to secure, amongst other things, leotards, wigs, fake facial hair, bald caps, latex accessories and prosthetics , crepe wool, soft putty, polyglitter and polystars. Spirit gum should be removed by dabbing with the appropriate solution and not by rubbing. Learn More
  8. Grimas Sponges

    Grimas Sponges

    Starting at: £2.30

    Grimas Sponges Learn More
  9. Grimas Stage Blood Caps Filled Bx10

    Grimas Stage Blood Caps Filled Bx10


    Grimas Blood Caps Fill Bx10 Learn More
  10. Grimas Stage Blood Paste 75 ml

    Grimas Stage Blood Paste 75 ml


    Grimas Blood Paste 75ml Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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Grimas B.V. is a small-scale Dutch company that develops and produces make-up for the professional and hobby segment using traditional methods. This can be for a variety of different applications, for example theatre make-up, make-up, visagie, camouflage and face paint.

Grimas supplies to many different countries and the distributors include party shops, hobby shops, ballet shops, wig makers and make-up schools. Having our own product line makes it possible to produce small product runs, which allows us to respond quickly to demand for specific products.