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Wildfire UV Inhibitor Gloss & Matt

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In our opinion these paints are the most intense UV colours on the market and up to now they have been difficult to buy over the counter in the UK.
In addition to the usual range of fluorescent colours, the Wildfire range also includes a set of ‘invisible’ colours, including blue, red, green, orange and yellow. These paints appear milky white under normal light, but fluoresce intensely when under UV light, allowing the artist huge scope for dramatic transformation effects.
Invisible Clear Colours are totally clear when dry and will fluoresce under UV light. This makes them ideal for painting on darker surfaces where standard invisible colours would show.
All visible paint colours appear bright under ordinary light and fluoresce brilliantly under UV light, while the white invisible paint colours change to bright glowing colours when UV light is applied. Colours can be intermixed as desired to create tertiary colours. Wildfire Glow Green is a photo luminescent paint that glows in the dark. The longer and more intense the exposure to UV light, the longer and brighter the Glow Green will glow.
All Wildfire UV Reactive Paints are acrylic based and dry quickly to a smooth matt finish that is water resistant and flexible.
In some applications (e.g. high traffic exposures) Wildfire UV Reactive Paint may require a protective clear topcoat. Use Wildfire Matt or Gloss Inhibitor sealer over Wildfire Luminescent Paints. This specially formulated sealer protects and inhibits UV-B and UV-C while still allowing Wildfire UV-A to pass through in addition to improving washability and wear resistance.

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