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  1. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

    Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

    Starting at: £10.30

    Cold Wax medium is made from naturally white, pure beeswax. Formulated to knife consistency, Cold Wax Medium makes oil colors thicker and more matte. Cold Wax Medium can be used to make Gamblin mediums and Gamvar more matte. It can also be applied alone as a matte varnish. Learn More
  2. Gamblin GALKYD GEL  "G GEL"  150ml

    Gamblin GALKYD GEL "G GEL" 150ml


    Galkyd Gel is a stiffer gel compared to Neo Megilp that holds thicker, sharper brush-marks and dries more quickly. Galkyd Gel increases transparency of oil colours and creates impasto. Learn More
  3. Gamblin Galkyd Lite Medium

    Gamblin Galkyd Lite Medium

    Starting at: £11.00

    Galkyd Lite thins oil colors and increases transparency and gloss. When used in moderation with oil colors, Galkyd Lite will retain brushstrokes. Galkyd Lite is more fluid and less glossy compared to Galkyd. Thin layers will be touch-dry in 24 to 30 hours. Learn More
  4. Gamblin Galkyd Medium

    Gamblin Galkyd Medium

    Starting at: £11.00

    Gamblin Galkyd Medium Learn More
  5. Gamblin Galkyd Slow Drying Medium - While Stocks Last

    Gamblin Galkyd Slow Drying Medium - While Stocks Last

    Starting at: £8.00

    Galkyd Slow Dry thins oil colors and extends working time. Galkyd Slow Dry is more fluid and less glossy than Galkyd Lite. Use one part Galkyd Slow Dry to one part oil colors to paint wet-into-wet for at least a day. Learn More
  6. Gamblin Gamsol Mineral Sprit

    Gamblin Gamsol Mineral Sprit

    Starting at: £7.50

    Gamsol is the safest solvent that allows oil painters to utilize all traditional painting techniques without compromise. Learn More
  7. Gamvar Gloss

    Gamblin Gamvar Varnish

    Starting at: £14.00

    Gamvar Picture Varnish saturates colors in your painting and gives the painting a unified and protective surface.
    Developed in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art, Gamvar goes on water-clear, stays water-clear and can be easily and safely removed with Gamsol.
    Using Gamsol as its solvent, Gamvar is virtually odorless and ready to apply.
    Brush apply. Do not spray. All Gamvar can be applied when the thickest areas of your painting are thoroughly dry and firm to the touch.
    Please visit Gamblin's Video Demos page for additional information.

    Learn More
  8. Gamblin Ground

    Gamblin Ground

    Starting at: £20.00

    Gamblin Oil Painting Ground makes a strong, bright, non-absorbent foundation for oil paintings. Formulated from alkyd resin, titanium dioxide, and barium sulfate, Gamblin Ground makes canvas and linen stiffer than acrylic “gesso” and more flexible than traditional oil primers. Barium sulfate gives Gamblin Ground its tooth. Titanium dioxide gives Gamblin Ground its opacity. Because the percentage of pigments is so much higher than in acrylic “gesso”, painters need only apply TWO coats of Gamblin Ground instead of the recommended four coats of acrylic. More coats can be added for smoother painting surfaces. Because alkyd resin is used instead of linseed oil as the binder, Gamblin Ground is more flexible and dries more quickly than lead/linseed oil grounds. Lead/linseed oil grounds must dry for six months and Gamblin Ground is ready for paint application within a week. Learn More
  9. Gamblin Introductory Oil Set

    Gamblin Introductory Set


    The Gamblin Introductory Set of Artists' Oil Colours is intended to give painters a thoughtfully constructed palette of colours to support any style of painting. The set is built around a primed, ready to use painting panel handcrafted in the US from sustainably grown birch. Learn More
  10. Gamblin Medium Set

    Gamblin MEDIUMS SET


    Gamblin MEDIUMS SET is a handy selection of the Gamblin range of oil mediums. A great way to experiment and get started. Learn More

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