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Russell & Chapple manufacture theatrical drapes of all kinds, made to measure to your exact specifications. We have a large range of scenic fabrics available, all flame retardant to British Standards.

Stage Curtains
Made from flame retardant velour, these drapes are lined for extra weight and durability. The header is usually snap-hooks that clip onto the curtain runners, with the fullness sewn into the curtain in pleats. We finish the curtains with a pocket weighted with lead so that the curtains move well when they are being opened or closed. There are many kinds of velour available, in different weights, colours and finishes.

Legs and Borders
These items are designed to mask the wings and rigging of the stage. Traditionally made-up in heavy Black Wool Serge, which has excellent light and sound insulating properties, they can also be manufactured in lighter materials such as Black Bolton Twill. The headers are tape ties and the footer is a pipe pocket.

Cycloramas and Backcloths
These are large expanses of smooth fabric at the rear of the stage. Cycloramas are white and designed for lighting effects, backcloths are made of more robust material for painting. 
Using our stocks of wide fabrics these are made without any joins. The header are tape-ties, with a pipe pocket footer to let the material hang straight and without wrinkles.

We supply a range of specialist wide gauzes in black, white and grey for stage effect. 
Scenic Gauze: a light hexagonal weave, is used for lighting effects, giving softness and subtlety to the scenery. 
Sharkstooth Gauze: a heavier rectangular gauze often used for transformation effects. Depending on whether it is front or back lit, the transparency of the guaze can be controlled.

Projection Screens

Professional projection screens are made from Projection PVC a dense and smooth pvc material available in solid white for front projection or translucent for back-projection. Projection screens can be made to any dimension and are ultrasonically welded to give a 100% seamless finish. The screens are hemmed and finished with plastic eyelets.

It is also possible to use any white scenic material for projection and we have supplied many of these over the years. For fabric back-projection screens we recommend the Projection Taffetta, a fine polyester material. It is liable to flare, if the projector is too close to the screen, but is a very economical solution.

Floor Cloths and Druggets
For floor protection in homes and on stage floors, these items are made out of heavy flax or cotton canvas.

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