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  1. Rosco Chroma Key

    Rosco Chroma Key

    Starting at: £85.20

    Rosco Chroma Key Paints have been formulated to provide the high luminance values and colour saturation for keying effects. Learn More
  2. Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze

    Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze

    Starting at: £48.50

    Clear glaze designed to extend paint and to act as a top coat. Will mix with any water-based paints including the Super Saturated and Off Broadway ranges. Learn More
  3. Rosco Cristal Gel

    Rosco Cristal Gel

    Starting at: £63.40

    Clear medium made from Styrene resin, which coats almost any surface. Stays clear and flexible. Ideal medium for glitter. Learn More
  4. Rosco E-Colour Lighting Filters

    Rosco E-Colour Lighting Filters

    Starting at: £7.10

    A comprehensive range of traditionally prepared, high performance, reliable lighting filters for colour effects, diffusion and reflection. This coated polyester filter uses the cinemoid colour and numbering system used by many lighting designers throughout Europe. E-Colour+ is also available in half sheets 61 cm x 53 cm and rolls of 122 cm x 7.62m to order. Though we can only stock a limited range in our store, the full selection of more than 280 colours is available to order. Learn More
  5. Rosco Fabrics Sample

    Rosco Fabrics Sample

    Starting at: £0.25

    Rosco Fabrics Learn More
  6. Rosco Flexbond 3.78 Litre

    Rosco Flexbond 3.78 Litre


    Clear adhesive for general purpose use on porous or non-purpose surfaces, including difficult surfaces like Ethafoam. Learn More
  7. Rosco Foamcoat White 3.78 Litre

    Rosco Foamcoat White 3.78 Litre


    Rosco Foamcoat is a water-based flame retardant coating suitable for a variety of surfaces including foam forms. It can be carved into or sanded smooth to achieve such effects as tree bark, masonry, and rugged terrain. Foamcoat dries to a hard, durable coating that can withstand very abusive handling. It also performs well when used to enhance or texturise floors. Learn More
  8. Rosco Glame 122 cm (48 in) x 9.14 m Roll

    Rosco Glame 122 cm (48 in) x 9.14 m Roll

    Starting at: £154.30

    Glamé is woven from a durable, lightweight, self-extinguishing plastic film making it an excellent choice for theatrical, or any entertainment venues. Learn More
  9. Rosco Off-Broadway Paint

    Rosco Off-Broadway Paint

    Starting at: £33.00

    Versatile vinyl acrylic paint in a complete range of theatrical colours. This range is extremely popular with scenic professionals in the United States and represents excellent value for money. It is suitable for use on a broad range of surfaces and can be used neat from the tin or ‘stretched’ by diluting with water. Learn More
  10. Rosco Slash Curtain 91.4cm (36in) x 8ft drop

    Rosco Slash Curtain 91.4cm (36in) x 8ft drop

    Starting at: £31.60

    Slashed curtain material for extraordinary dramatic effects. Slit Diffraction material picks up and bounces light. Fabricated entirely of durable self-extinguishing vinyl. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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Rosco, founded in 1910, is still best known for the products it originally manufactured: filters for entertainment lighting. The company now offers products in more than a dozen categories. These include gobos (or patterns), correction filters for film lighting, fog and haze machines, dance floors, scenic paint and backdrops for theatre and film/video.